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Bont Waxed Skate Laces are suitable for roller derby skates, roller skates, ice, and inline hockey skates, inline speed skates, ice skate, boots, and regular shoes. 

Sold as One Pair (Two Laces). The laces are flat and come in 6mm or 8mm wide with different lengths to suit your roller skate boots. Bont Laces are made of high-quality fibers that are resistant to abrasion and moisture and treated with a high-performance wax so the laces stay tied and tight!

Bont Laces feature molded tips that resist fraying over time. Made from the material itself, there is no plastic or metal to break or peel off. The lace tips are super durable and easy to use and available in 16 different colors. These laces make excellent derby laces. 

A wider lace prevents lace bite which is where the lace digs into your foot. Bont boot tongues are padding but this is not the case with all boots so you may want to check if your boots have padding in the tongue before ordering 6mm laces. 6mm skate laces are used on figure skates and outdoor recreational skates including girl's and women’s skates. 8mm skate laces are usually preferred on ice hockey skates, roller derby skates, inline speed skates, and men’s skates. There is no set rule, you may prefer 6mm over 8mm or vice versa.

For more pictures of skate laces, please visit our skate laces blog post. Skatelaces.com is the official homepage of Bont Skate Laces.



      You can always buy Bont Skates with confidence. Skaters have been buying Bont Skates since 1975 and we are the world’s largest manufacturer of inline speed skates and short track speed skates and custom skates as well as one of the largest manufacturers of roller derby skates.

      We have a reputation for looking after our customers. We do everything possible to ensure that our products are made to the highest standards. As an example, all of our boots go through 16 individual stages of quality control before they are shipped out.

      Our inline wheels, roller skate wheels and frames are all tested for strength and fatigue on the computer using the most advances computer-aided stress testing available. Bont bearings are produced in partnership with some of the best speciality bearing manufacturers in the world.

      All Bont products go through a rigorous team testing phase before being brought to market. Team Bont skaters are the very best in the world.

      When you buy Bont Skates, you get the best skates on the market.